Return on the wall

…the report from Ermanno continues after the precedent episodes:

On the 9th November we’ve already came back to the cave and the day after we started walking at 6.55 am towards the wall. In the mean time two of us started opening 2 new pitches Mirko and Giorgio start moving the ledges and gear. Anoehr pithc leaded us to the new bivac we called “Los Cuatros”. Very long and exhausting day. We ate at 12 pm and at 2 we let down on the sleeping bag. The following morning we started climbing later. Ale climbed the dihedral overhead and the hard and unprotectable off width. The Mirko reached me and Alessandro rappelled to help Giorgio bringing up the last haul back. Now It’s my turn on the pitch of “many fears” of the past years. It started winding and It’s so cold.

360° view of the Hielo Continental glacier

The day after It snowed and winded and so the annoying following days. A day we climbed a new pitch that should be easy, but It was ice covered. So, an enormous effort for Alessandro. Then another full day for only one pitch on delicate and unaffordable flakes. Another day Alessandro succeed on other 2 pitches and he was very satisfied. He told about a big roof but with a climbable small crack…

The portaledges lost in the wall

Life into the snowcave

The Circo de Los Altares

Our Zenith haulbags on belay, embellished by the rime snow of Patagonia