Updates from Patagonia

Our testimonial, Maurizio Giordani, who together with Hervè Barmasse and the roped party Francesco Favilli – Mirco Grasso is in Patagonia to attempt Cerro Piergiorgio sends us this message already two weeks ago:

“On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th thew weather improve a little bit and we reached the base of the wall in 8 hours traversing the 25 km and 1400 mt up. We bivouacked on the glacier and left a first gear depository. On Saturday 15th we rested at El Chalten because of the bad weaher. The day after weather turn good and we came back at the base but along the days It became worst (strong wind and cold temperatrues) so we organized thr advanced camp and on Monday we came back because the impossibility to start the climb”.

So, the typical “to play cat and mouse” that the capricious Patagonian weather force the climbers since the beginning of its mountaineering history was just started also for the team.

Then, on 27th December we discover from a post by Maurizio this news:


Cerro Domo Blanco summit. 26th Dcecember. A only one day window of good weather before other 10 days of disastrous condition in future. Too short for an attempt to Piergiorgio… we come back with all the gear. 200 km up and backwards and forwards are enough. A nice summit however is always a satisfation. From my point of view ones of the most ever spectacular place into the mountains. Thanks”.  

So, congratulations to all the team for this achievement, although not the initial goal. As usual Patagonia remember to alpinists that nothing is easy or predictable on his peaks. 

But some other Climbing Technology testimonials has been in or are going to leave towards Patagonia’s peaks in these days. So, stay tuned because we’ll provide for sure some more exciting news from this part of the world.

The team on the summit of Cerro Domo Blanco (left: Maurizio Giordani, Paolo Sartori, Francesco Favilli, Hervé Barmasse e Mirco Grasso)