Berni and Luca: two lives, one single passion

«There are stories that start off almost by chance, and then just like magic they move forward without the help of time.

Four years ago a new vertical adventure started off in Climbing Technology and it was named Team CT. It consists of a group of Italian and European, guys and girls, strong climbers and alpinists who every day carry on with all the passion they possess for the vertical world, and this has always made up the spirit of Climbing Technology.

Bernardo Rivadossi and Luca Bana met exactly this way, as part of a team where one of the unwritten rules was to create lasting friendships among the athletes, letting them climb together and finding new vertical projects for the future.

On paper Berni and Luca have quite a few years difference between them, years which did not act as a barrier since they chose to climb together and seeing how things went we can say that to this day a true and strong partnership was born.

Four years ago Luca was very young, he’d been climbing only for a few years, but his talent had already been noticed on the holds of the indoor climbing wall as well as on his first routes on rock. Luca had a lot of passion but he was missing that spark that makes your eyes shine and your heart dream. He needed a real climbing partner, a sort of mentor who could set an example and share the same passion every single moment.

And so by chance this roped party’s adventure began. Entire days spent at the crag, training on campus boards at home and during a few competitions. Then, as for all climbers, the lure of a trip came along. Kilometres travelling by van and long flights looking for the most fascinating rock faces of the world. Going far away, gaining experience, and each time returning motivated to find new projects, dedicating days after days to bolting and enhancing their local rock.

Berni made this passion into a lifestyle, a true discipline which he can dream of and experience every single day. Berni is a true climber, those who have found wealth in their daily experience, intimately and purely. A purity which has also without a doubt infected the young Luca.

Seeing Berni and Luca climbing is pure poetry. In their climbing you will find harmonious movements, care and dedication towards every move to be climbed.

There is passion in their climbing, that passion made up of true sacrifices but always able to achieve those wonderful dreams that we carry inside.

The story told by this short film of Giordano Garosio comes from the wish to discover people’s worth by tasting their daily gestures.

Berni and Luca chose to talk about themselves by doing what they do best and makes them happy. When you start telling a story and you experience it from close by you realise how the truth lies in simple things.

And that is how you realise that those we call “master”: and “pupil” in real life don’t always need to push their limits, their journey upwards can be renewed every day thanks to passion and sharing.

This is the true wealth which deserves to be told

Berni and Luca two lives and one single passion».

Text by Paolo Cattaneo