“Spirit Walker”: first 8c for Davide Colombo

The sixteen year old, member of Team CT sends his project (rope) in Val Masino

«Thanks to my friendship with the instructor-climber Federico Bagarin, I have been climbing a lot more outdoorslately, going to Val Masino above all, a location which I can easily reach from home.

It was thanks to Federico that I discovered the well knownroutes of the area, among which “Spirit Walker”, on the “Masso Goldrake” at “Sasso Remenno”. We are talking about one of the first Italian 8c’s, which was freed in 1990 by the climber from Valtellina, Daniele Pigoni, it caught my attention straight away, even for its story.

The very first attempts along the route go back to this winter, I would go and try during the weekends I was free from competitions. Managing to climb the single moves, right from the beginning, gave me hope; the project was doable. The successive weeks I refined the first moves, but I continued to fall level with the crux move, which requires a heel hook.

Once the cold season was over, thanks to the warmer temperatures, after a couple warm up runs and going over the moves, with great conviction I threw myself onto “Spirit Walker”: the heel hook held, allowing me to reach the edge just above, and once I had climbed that complex section, I managed to slip the rope into the chain shouting out with joy!

Sending this first 8c has stimulated me to train harder; my aim is to hit ambitious targets, both outdoors and indoors.

A special thanks goes to Federico Bagarin and to Tito Pozzoli who train me, to my family who allows me to cultivate this passion of mine, to Climbers Triuggio who have sustained me ever since the first day I approached climbing, to the brothers Simone and Mattia Carnì, who come with me on adventures as friends and photographers, and to the sponsors who support me, such as Climbing Technology».

Davide Colombo on “Spirit Walker” – Photo Credit: SMC Photography