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Company Profile

Climbing Technology. Genuine Italian Hardware.

Climbing Technology, a brand owned by Aludesign S.p.A., is an Italian company whose mission is the development and production of high-quality innovative equipment for use in all “vertical applications”, with the aim of improving safety and ease of use.

Thanks to almost 30 years’ experience and our ability to innovate, we have become the world leader in the production of safety products for mountaineering, sport climbing and work at height.

Climbing Technology’s products represent a concrete example of Italian experience in the design and production of high-quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), designed for use in all “vertical disciplines”. We live our values: “Listen to and respect the client and user”  and a demand for absolute quality.

Our objective:

“To produce products which anticipate and satisfy our professional and sport users’ most advanced technical requirements.”

Our company policy aims to fully satisfy our clients, preserving the made in Italy philosophy. We are passionate about our work. Thanks to our constant commitment to research and development of high-quality products, you can say that we are our own first customers and are the most demanding!

High level of specialisation. 

Our main areas of specialisation are mountaineering products (mountaineering, sport climbing, via ferrate), all the workplace safety applications (work at height and rescue) and recreational applications such as adventure parks.

Climbing Technology is synonymous with quality, organisation, advanced knowhow, ongoing research and extensive accumulated product experience. All this has permitted us to obtain:

  • A vast number of excellent products produced in Italy: designed, developed, tested and produced and distributed all over the world.
  • More than 20 international patents, many of which are still in force and recognised worldwide which have contributed to raising the standard of safety and have become examples of excellence and world technical benchmarks. Some products designed in the past remain world technical leaders.
  • More than 6000 m² of modern production and logistics facilities in the Bergamo province in northern Italy, a geographic region with a well-known strong mountaineering tradition.


A team for advanced R&D, carrying out ongoing research into innovative materials, and talented designers who are always looking for new ideas and to apply the most modern production techniques are dedicated to the research and design of our products.

Quality certification.

Aludesign S.p.A. and all its production processes are certified with the ISO 9001:2008 quality system.

Looking after the environment

We care about environmental issues and the whole production process fully complies with European directives to safeguard the environment. Our commitment is real: we treat our own waste water on-site, our packaging is made of eco-sustainable recyclable materials and our instruction booklets are printed on paper made from sustainably-managed forests, to fully respect the environment.

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