Matteo&Elena inaugurate the new CPR crag on Sunday

Climbers from North Italy are very disappointed by this rainy May. So many bad weather weekends leave their mark on our motivation and fitness. Also, even some of the usual “always sunny” spots suffered of the problem.

So, what could be better than a sunny Sunday to start again in pushing on climbing outdoor instead in a dusty indoor hall? CPR Free Sport organise an unmissable event.

Pubblicato da Matteo Gambaro su Sabato 4 maggio 2019

That’s the opening of the new climbing sectori in Val Pennavaire! “Another one?” you’ll say… Of course, this wonderful location continue to surprise for the huge amount of excellent rock that offers. Obviously the explorer and author of this new jewel cound’t be our member team Matteo Gambaro, real deus-ex machina of the area! More than 40 pitches from 4c to 8c…

The date is for Sunday  2nd June!

To regfister you have to present at CPR Free Sport – Via A. Colombo 26 Cisano Sul Neva SV on Sunday from 4:30 pm and Sunday from 9 am.

The brand partners will offer the opportunity to test climbign gear and shoes

Just a final raccomandation: the crags is just bolted, so It’s mandatory to fit your climbing helmet!

Here some wonderful preview shots of Matteo Gambaro and Elena Chiappa on the new pitches, ph and video credits Federico Rimembrana

Ph. e video Credit: Federico Rimembrana


Here the event facebook page

Sponsored by #Cprfreesport