Garibotti “Unlucky but…so high on a such beautiful line”

With these few words the deeper expert of this  mountain range comments about the incredible attempt by Ermanno, Mirko, Alessandro and Giorgio. This is the report of the return from the wall, after the difficult decision of the team to end the ascent.

 The following day we packed everything and at 5:30 we started the rappel. We are conscious we did a great attempt on a harsh wall! We know that we used all of our energies until the end. Never I have been higher on this wall in the previous years. Rolo (ed Garibotti) said me some days ago: “the line is so wonderful. For sure you have not been lucky with the weather but however with your determination you arrived so high on the wall” (…).

On 29th weather was very bad, as we already were used: rain and wind. We prepared the sleeds and with the wind and rain against our path in 5 hours we reached the Paso Marconi, out of Hielo Continenetal Glacier. After 5 hours on Piedra del Fraile. The day after we came back under the pass to brought outside the last heavy backpacks and we came back to the comfort of the pueblo.

“So, at the end, how has our expedition to west side of the Egger? We could say fine, I had never arrived so high in the past. Although we were forced to turn down.”

Ermanno Salvaterra