UK Climbing talks up about our Nuptse Evo

Our Nuptse Evo passed the exam by with high marks:

“The Nuptse Evo is a great all round crampon that cover a wide range of activities from winter walking to ice and mixed mountaineering on good levels”

Into the review the authors underline how today when the terrain begins to be a little bit more tough mountaineers often choose too much technical and heavier crampons. And expensive of course. Instead, he sustained that “more than the kind and number of points of a crampon it’s determinant the sharpness. A good 12 spikes pair of crampons is more than enough for hiking, classical mountaineering and mixed winter climbs”.

Nuptse Evo is exactly that kind of product, tested from the author in the semiautomatic binding system. What’s the conclusion? Just three words: versatility, durability and functionality.

Versatility: from two point of view: the terrain and the fitting. The author explain that he tested them from winter walking to tough mixed Scottish climbs – and who has been there could understand – and real pure ice climbing as well. About the second point It offers a wide range of adjustment that permit to adapt to many different kind of boots and sizes. Moreover, thanks to its flexible bar the classic version, is adapt also to bendy hiking shoes (obviously for the appropriate use).   

Durability: Although is impossible for a tester in few months of use to certify the long-life durability of a product the author confirm that after a use not so long but intense the steel of the Nuptse points resist very well and he had no necessity to sharp the points.

Functionality: some details, as the shorter frontal points for a better use on mixed climbing, the flexible antiboot for help displace the ballet snow, the innovative macro setting system (and the double lever  useable with one hand) represent the features that in the daily use do the difference in terms of comfort.

The cherry on top? The value-price rate, that permit to the consumer to have versatile and quality products at a fair cost. An important plus for a Made in Italy product: not bad!  

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