Climbing Technology partner of Milano Climbing Expo 2019!

At the Urban Wall climbing hall return today and tomorrow the second edition of Milano Climbing Expo, an event that intends to become a milestone in the international climbing scene!

A very wide program has been designed for the participants and the opportunity to climb side by side with the famous climbing champions.

Test&Feel Click UP+: starting from 14:00 we will offer to all the climbers the opportunity to test our new device.

From 6pm to 9pm, young athletes, future and current promises of Italian climbing, and some athletes of the Olympic team of the People’s Republic of China will compete in the qualifications for the Lead and Boulder Competitions happening the next day. The first two classified by category and discipline will thus be able to access the MCE19-UW Lead and Boulder races on Saturday, January the 26th.

At the end of the qualifications Valentina Graziosi will lead “The wings on the fingers“, a Talk&Video Show conceived and coordinated by Valentina herself with many strong athletes as speakers.

Saturday will be the turn of the workshops, open to all the interested public who will come to Urban Wall gym and the races among the top! Enthusiasts can climb with the top international climbers, choosing among nine workshops held in two different sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Climbing Technology will guarantee the products necessary for many of them. It is possible to participate in several workshops in both sessions, for a total of three hours of fun with the climbing champions! Pre-registration is welcome at this link. We signal in particular the “Phisio Climb” by Silvio Reffo, dedicated to injuries and physiotherapy for the climbers, that reach a wide audience from the public last year.

From 4pm on, the game will get tough … and the tough ones will start playing! The top climbers and the athletes who qualified from the Friday races will compete in the MCE-UW Lead and Boulder … can you already imagine who will get the top?!

The public who cannot attend the event will still have the opportunity to watch the competitions live on streaming on our facebook page.

The event will be fully taken over by Sky Italia: Milan Climbing Expo 2019 will therefore become a TV asset within Icarus, a SKY Italia program dedicated to sport.