Happy Birthday TeamCT

We celebrated the birthday in style at #Melloblocco! One whole year has passed since the last edition of Melloblocco 2015, when for the first time our TeamCT members shook hands and got to know each other better.

Today we find ourselves admiring the journey we have been on together for the last 365 days. The journey is a line, obviously a vertical one, which has wound its way along multi-coloured rock. Each one of the team members throughout the year have climbed in different places, on different grades and on different occasions. Giorgia, Pietro and Matteo, our youngest team members, have measured up well in loads of competitions, right up to the most important competitions in the world, always finishing with a good position in the rankings. They have climbed at the competitions without forgetting about the rock. Some of the best videos in the history or TeamCT have been of them; examples that we remember are Hyaena by Pietro Biagini, Noi by Giorgia Tesio and UDP by Matteo Manzoni. They have relentlessly and without stopping flown the flag for CT on the competitive world scene and not only…

Last but not least, the other young member, Luca Bana, has found himself the perfect “rope companion” inside of the TeamCT. Luca has in fact spent this last year alongside Berni Rivadossi. Teacher and student, they found themselves travelling and climbing together. With the help of valuable advice and teaching, Luca has improved his technique and now his climbing is more secure, controlled and wonderful to observe. Thanks Berni for taking such a promising student under your wing.

Francesco Salvaterra has travelled the most amongst all of the TeamCT. The aspirant Mountain Guide has not been at home for more than two days in a row and he has given us reports and recounted his experiences from very far away. We remember his trip to Patagonia that absolutely amazed us.

Someone who definitely has not missed out on trips and far away destinations is Silvio Reffo, our team captain. He went as far away as the Red River Gorge to take home the satisfaction of all respect that goes by the name of Pure Imagination, to which a fantastic video narrates the story. Silvio was also the main actor in the film at Andonno where he sent Noia 8c+.

Silvio is also the author of all the articles on this blog that talk about physiotherapy, and he is also in fact the editor of the section “vertical physiotherapy”. Thanks to him throughout the year, we have discovered many really helpful tips to prevent and cure illnesses and injuries to climbers.

The Mountain Guide Bonino has carried out intense work on the slopes of Mont Blanc. Thanks to him, we have seen daily photos of a beautiful mountain that Enrico knows very well. Enrico writes daily on our blog, where you can find itineraries and even fairly unknown excursions.

There has also been those, in TeamCT, who have had a fantastic idea: to have a baby! We are talking about Roberta Longo who is pregnant and waiting for a little climber to be born who we are sure will where a harness before he can walk.

Matteo Gambaro and Elena Chiappa, in Valpennavaire kept themselves busy bolting new lines, we will not reveal any more because it will be the theme for the next CT shoot.

Alessio Roverato was the author of a route at the start last year; you can read about the story here.

The Spanish flag bearer for TeamCT, Dani Fuertes, is an unstoppable climber, who has strung together a long list of trips and realizations this year. Among the many, we want to remember the beautiful Bongada, a 9a created by the awesome spectacular nature. We have a video of this realization that you can see here.

And then there is Mathieu Besnard, from France, who has taken the name of CT to the international paraclimbing competitions. We wish him good luck for the up and coming competitions!

Giulia Venturelli is the new entry. Her interview here.

And finally, as they say, last but not least, the captain Tamara Lunger. She was the one who took the name of CT higher than anyone else, making the most important undertaking of all: to climb Nanga Parbat. We want to remember her interview during the climb (here) and the one issued shortly after returning home (here).

The new entries into the TeamCT for 2016? We can let you know that they are from across the border. The fist one is Jan Smolen!