Tamara Lunger from Nanga Parbat

1. How do you feel about living together and sharing the objective with other teams?

For now, we are on our own with two other teams at base camp. I must say that I really like Alex Txicon’s team and we have a lot of fun together. Since our chosen route from the beginning, the Messner/Eisendle route, seemed too unsafe because of the very unstable serac, we decided to combine forces with Txicon & his team for the Kinshofer route. I am sorry that we cannot help all that much to place the fixed equipment (because 80-90% of the work has already been done), but we will still try our best to make our contribution.

  2. From your experience, in collaboration with Climbing Technology’s research and development department, Tami was born and was also presented at the Ispo. What’s your feeling about “your” harness?

I must say that I have really found the harness that I was always searching for. It is lightweight, comfortable and downright beautiful! We have also fixed a particular point where I was always having problems. Seeing as in the mountains we always have it on, we developed it in such a way that the gear loops are in the right place so as not be a disturbance with the belt of the rucksack. In three words: I love it!!

3. How do you feel physically and mentally after this month and a half at base camp?

I must say that last year was a tough year for me, because of the physical problems that I occurred, I was not about to train for so many months. So therefore, I headed off on this expedition not as prepared as I wanted to be. However, I have seen that thanks to our excursions that we have already done, even with a heavy load, the strength is there. You find small problems always and everywhere, but you must not give them too much attention and strive for the final attempt. This is why we are here and we will give it everything. Although I know that my body in comparison to my mind is a little bit weaker, I hope to push on with my tolerance to suffering. Of course, only up until the point where there is a risk to my health and safety.

 4. What scares you more: to reach the summit or to not reach it?

I would say not reaching it. However, I have good feelings about it, the same ones that many other very important people to me have. I have no doubt about our ability and we will give it everything right to the end. The winter is long and we will have patience waiting for the right moment, hoping to arrive on the summit!

5. What is the first thing you are planning on doing when you get home?

I will hug all of my family. They give me so much strength and this time I can really feel that strength!

Thank you Tamara and good luck!


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