How do you determine the suitability of a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)? What are the checks that must be carried out on every device? What document are you left with after the checks?

Many answers can be found to the questions on the Climbing Technology website in the pages dedicated to PPE.

We can start by saying that the PPE is divided into three categories:

  • The 1st PPE category: protection against minor risks (e.g. Gloves, sunglasses);
  • The 2nd PPE category: all the PPE that does not fall into the other two categories (e.g. Helmet);
  • The 3rd PPE category: protection against serious risks/death (e.g. Harness, connectors, slings).

For each of these categories a different approach to the checks is required for regulation and therefore it is not only vital to know how to distinguish with extreme care the type of PPE but also to have a perfect knowledge of the approved checks.

It is in this context, and to assist our customers in performing such tasks that Climbing Technology has considered it useful to provide a means to which you can find all the necessary information for the correct maintenance and use of the safety devices.

Regular execution of the checks is, in fact, essential to guarantee the continued efficiency and durability of the device on which the user is dependant to the safety of the device.

Therefore, you can find on the website, the Climbing Technology PPE grouped into categories based on the checks carried out.

The periodic checks on the PPE is a fundamental element to maintain the minimum standards of safety and for the risk management within a company.

For Climbing Technology the culture of safety starts right from the producers, who have the task of implementing an effective prevention of accidents in the different vertical disciplines whether they are of a sporting or professional character.

For more information about the safety devices by Climbing Technology, visit the website: