#melloblocco 2015

Melloblocco recently finished but we are still breathing the adrenaline like energy by looking at the photos and videos taken of the athletes from TeamCT who were in great shape at the event that has now become a landmark for boulderers and climbing enthusiasts.

We experienced four days of emotions given to us by all the athletes that squared up to the unquestionably hard boulder problems. It was a baptism for Climbing Technology on several fronts: the first time being there as a sponsor, the first official outing for the TeamCT, the first test&feel at the Remenno boulder and the first thrills to take home and cherish as a precious commodity.

Like we said, lots of adrenaline, from Thursday when, despite the clouds, some of the climbers who were already in the valley went to try a few of the boulder problems. Our athletes Elena Chiappa and Roberta Longo took advantage of the calm atmosphere in the late afternoon to tick the first problems with great satisfaction. However, for us in the marketing and communication department, it was time spent setting up the test&feel for our products right next to the crag at the Remenno boulder. A beautiful location and absolutely perfect for testing quickdraws, harnesses, belay devices and helmets. There were lots of people interested and for those who wanted to try out our products they got themselves a coveted CT branded gadget: one of our colourful and exclusive t-shirts.

On Friday we didn’t have a moments peace from the rain in the valley and the only thing left to do was to use the climbing gym as a meeting point and a place to climb. The indoor wall at the Guides centre has never seen so many climbers all gathered together, an impressive turnover that lasted the whole day awarding us with satisfaction for the appreciation of our products. Curiosity for those who had never used our products and consensus for those who have used our products for years came to see us right into the evening allowing us to give away almost two hundred CT t-shirts.

On Saturday, the sun came out giving out the right energy to finally face the competition boulders. Backpack on and camera at the ready we walked behind the athletes from our team to follow them, support them and to best capture them doing what they do best. Although the competition boulders were chosen in different areas which were even far apart it was great to try and get to all of them, the search enabled us to visit the wonderful valley that hosts the competition. Some were found far away, others close together and others were really hidden. Each boulder had a different problem, an evocative name and above all, a unique challenge.

The day saw our athletes engaged on several problems who proved themselves on the competition boulders. Silvio Reffo a good team captain for the climbers opened the proceedings by climbing the super crowded boulder “TORO” followed by the youngsters Matteo Manzoni and Pietro Biagini. Silvio with teammates Daniel Fuertes, Bernardo Rivadossi and Luca Bana gave it everything on the difficult roof of “Mellosauro” missing out by just a few holds.

In the afternoon, some of the team relocated to the Bagni di Masino area where the tenacious Pietro Biagini and the tireless Silvio Reffo resolved the long and high line of BARBA BIANCA.

For the girls the long day on the boulders began with the top performance of Giorgia Tesio on the problems SMETTO QUANDO VOGLIO and LA ZATTERA DELLA MEDUSA and ended with the tenacious test of resistance for Elena Chiappa who just after the sunset rocked over and out of the beautiful problem DREAM GROTTO.

It was a good Melloblocco for our nine athletes from TeamCT who demonstrated great teamwork and the right spirit to live this first vertical experience all together.

Reinforcements arrived from the company so we could do an even bigger test&feel than the previous days and there was a real invasion of the Climbing Technology colours at the Remenno boulder. It was great to see how much interest there was when explanations were given about the use of the Click Up, the Alpine Up and the Be Up and also how much interest there was in the harnesses, quickdraws and helmets.

In the evening, we all met up at the Melloblocco party organized every year in a big marquee in the village, an opportunity to share moments of joy and to taste the original Melloblocco beer.

Sunday, the last day, was forecast rain, however there were just a few clouds to hide the sun and so everyone was outside for the last attempts on the boulders. The morning ended with several problems being ticked by many athletes that enabled the league tables to grow. The awards ceremony in the gym was an opportunity to still be protagonists of the event thanks to our products being included in the raffle. Among the winners was our Elena who defended herself well up against the strong foreign athletes.

The 2015 Melloblocco adventure ended in the best way possible for Climbing Technology. We had a beautiful showcase where we could show off our products but above all, we gave many climbers the possibility to test the products and use them directly on the rock. A fantastic experience for our athletes from TeamCT. See you at the next event!


Ph Alberto Orlandi

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