Do you work at height safely? Easy Move, not just a fall arrester

Whatever activity carried out at more than two metres of height requires the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to eliminate the risk of falls. In addition, those who work at height know the importance of having a PPE that is 100% reliable. What more could you ask more? Ensure maximum safety and prevent falls at work at height is the main quality of the Easy Move, but that is not the only use it has!

Completely designed, developed and produced in Italy by Climbing Technology, Easy Move is a multifunctional fall arrester device dedicated to the work at height. Intuitive and easy to use, Easy Move is the evolution of Stop&Go device created by our company over 25 years ago and worldwide founder for the realization of multipurpose fall arresters.

Small and with a purposely essential design, offering maximum ease of use, each individual Easy Move fall arrester – as with all Climbing Technology devices – is produced following strict procedures required to ensure high quality and safety. The details of the Easy Move are small but very important. For example the adjustment lever has been positioned to not be used accidently but, on the contrary, to be used only when required.

3 in 1 multifunctional device

Its characteristics of lightness and compactness are outclassed by its multifunctional uses. The Easy Move fall arrester device can be used in three modes: as a fall arrester, as an ascender or as a lanyard adjuster.

Used in fall arrester mode (EN 353-2:2002/ EN 12841:2006-A), the Easy Move enables the ascent and the descent of a vertical line safely and without user intervention, by instantly blocking in case of a fall.




The sliding along the rope is made easier by the studied shape of the adjustment lever (in the GO position) operated by the connector when pushed upwards.


Instead, by moving the lever to the REST position, the device slides up while maintaining the position on the rope. This allows you during the work phase to minimize the potential fall factor.




For example, the image shows a rope access work situation with the Easy Move positioned on the safety line above the operator. In this way, the potential fall factor is minimized.

Ascender mode (EN 12841:2006-B)

The Easy Move slides upwards and blocks in the position where it is in the moment in which it is loaded with the weight of the operator. The adjustment lever must be in the REST position.





As a lanyard adjuster. (EN 358:1999)

The Easy Move enables you to get closer or to move away from the anchor. Also in this case the adjustment lever must be in the REST position.

The Easy Move is also available with an integrated longe (Easy Move Kit mode) and in the life lines Life Line Easy Move