How do you choose the perfect ice axe?

One of the crucial pieces of equipment to face your activities on the snow and ice: mountaineering, north faces, gullies, waterfalls, hiking on glaciers or ski touring – without a doubt you need an axe!

This tool, which we believe has always existed, has in fact an ancient origin but it’s not so old and its current form was only established in the twentieth century. To overcome the steep slopes of snow or ice, mountaineers from the past used a mountain stick, also known as the alpenstock. Many of you may have seen in “vintage photos”, it was a wooden stick with a point at the lower end and an axe at the other to dig foot placements in a way to have more stability.


It is only in the twentieth century that the alpenstock begins to undergo major changes: it appears that the pick can be planted into the steep ice slope to make safer progression and the shovel is used to excavate foot placements (steps). Even the materials evolve; much lighter anodized light alloy for example, replaces the wooden handle.
Year after year, the axe acquired its modern appearance right up to the present day where the shape and the materials used are studied and differentiated to accommodate the various activities. The continued research for innovative solutions is the starting point for the Climbing Technology axes,  with all the different models, covering all possible fields of use: the crossing of glaciers, classic mountaineering, technical mountaineering, piolet traction and dry tooling.

In search of the perfect ice axe.

How to choose the most suitable ice axe?

To help you choose, we have divided the Climbing Technology ice axes for the main activities

uiaa logoica-axe-products-overviewThe Fly Hook is a technical ice axe designed to face frozen waterfalls. The rubber grip and the pronounced curve guarantee a great engagement and penetration. The Bumper finger protection  is always included and there are optional accessories: Dragon 12 SX/DX, Change Hover, Hornet.

The Fly Hook ice axes are offered in three versions:
Fly Hook Light
Fly Hook Hammer with the head equipped with a hammer
Fly Hook Adze with the head equipped with an adze.

Dron, is the technical ice axe dedicated to climbing north faces and gullies. The head, made of hot forged steel provides a good contact surface for the hand and is therefore comfortable, especially when there is prolonged use.
The classic Drag-Tour leash is included. The Bumper is optional.

The models Hound G, Alpin Tour G, Alpin Tour and Alpin Tour Light (entirely made from anodized light alloy) for their versatility they are ideal for crossing glaciers, classic mountaineering and technical mountaineering.
The classic Drag-Tour leash is included. The Bumper is optional.

Versatility is the characteristic of the ice axes Agile Ice Axe and Agile Plus Ice Axe, characterised by lightness, compactness and strength.
They are also available as part of the safety kit on the snow, the ASD Light Kit and the ASD Plus Kit for mountaineering and ski touring.