TEAM CT a group of people, great guys and girls with a passion for climbing

At least once in our lives all of us have agreed to a change in direction, to pursue a nice idea, to think and to try to work on a new project.

Then there are the times when at that table, from the beginning, you know that in every idea, every thought and every proposal there is a special ingredient.

An ingredient that has always been there, inside every one of those people who have taken a risk.

What you have just read started a few months ago, I will tell you about it because I was there.

We found ourselves around a table and everyone had something new to say, something interesting or just simply different.

Days passed, actually months passed with so many conversations, phone calls, emails and many meetings.

What was just a beautiful dream that should have been hidden in a drawer; today we can say it has become true, real and has been created.

We have called it “TEAM CT”, and inside this name there is a group of people, great guys and girls with a passion for climbing.

Passion that you see when you look them in the eyes, when you listen to what they say, and when observing their actions as they move on the vertical.

Climbing for Climbing Technology means mountaineering, ice climbing, multipitch routes in the mountains, crags, boulders and competitions.

The great thing about this team is the really healthy, strong and contagious passion for climbing and the world full of values and unique experiences.

Even Carlo Paglioli, the founder and owner of Climbing Technology, had no doubts about it:

“We need a team of climbers and mountaineers who transmit our values, who are able to be there where the products are best used, where the passion becomes reality. And for these reasons and with the strong commitment to help these talented and promising young people grow, we formed the Team CT. Thanks to this group – Paglioli continues – we are sure, that even we will grow and we will welcome not only their technical ideas but also the feelings and emotions that are explored when they climb with our equipment.We want those who love the mountains to appreciate the quality and the performance of our products”.

Putting together ideas, words and the right people, we have understood that the moment was right, we caught it and made it happen.

Together new adventures will be born where dreams, projects, trips, material to try and improve will make every moment in the vertical a true source of growth for all.

Now we can say that we are ready, Climbing Technology with its TEAM CT, a fine team ready to live it!

Paolo Cattaneo
Team Manager