Ice Traction: multipurpose anti-slip crampons

The ten-point anti-slip Ice Traction Crampons take up little space and have many advantages during the winter months. After you try them, you can no longer go without them, the Ice Traction Crampons are true allies to enjoy the outdoors in the winter both for work and for sport. These ice crampons allow for better traction and stability on land covered by snow, ice and also grassy slopes, muddy or slippy, reducing the risk of slipping.

Ideal in situations where traditional crampons are too bulky and awkward to use, the Climbing Technology crampons are suitable for outdoor sports, hiking, trekking, Nordic walking, running and even for those who work outdoors. It should obviously be mentioned that they are not PPE and are not suitable for extreme activities or competitions.
Sportvicious, a well known magazine, emphasises the lightness and versatility “weighing only 225 grams, the Ice Traction Crampons are multipurpose crampons with ten points, extremely lightweight and versatile”. Here is the article translated

Ice Traction

The Ice Traction Crampons are practical, they provide an excellent fit thanks to the fastening system made from a silicon band that makes them suitable to any type of footwear. To put them on all it takes is just two simple steps, but before you start, make sure you have a good balance or where possible, sit down.

  1. Fit the front part above the tip of the shoe.
  2. Widen the silicon band with both hands and pull it until it is wrapped around the heal of the shoe and then fasten the velcro strap.

Et voila! Remember that a properly fitted crampon must have some tension in the chains. Instructions summary

However lets get into detail to discover the high quality of the materials used that ensure a long product life (with correct stowage). The ten hardened steel points feature anti balling junctions. The stainless steel chains are connected to the steel points, to avoid the risk of slipping and minimalize the accumulation of snow under the shoes. The velcro strap enables optimal fastening.
The Ice Traction Crampons are available in four sizes from size 35 to 47 EU and from 3.5 to 13 US. The crampons come complete with a carry bag with a zip and features a breathable mesh to allow the crampons to dry quickly and the convenience to take them everywhere, occupying very little space.

Some tips to make sure your crampons last for a long time:

  • Keep them in the storage bag, in a dry and ventilated area away from heat and from direct sunlight.
  • Do not leave the crampons in the car, especially in the summer months.
  • Completely dry the crampons and storage bag every time they are used before storing them away.
  • Clean the crampons using only water and a neutral soap. Dry with a soft cloth.

If winter does not stop your desire for mountaineering adventures and ascents on ice and snow, Climbing Technology has technical ice tools for you, crampons to meet every need,  ice axes and poles for hiking  all designed to make the sport safer and why not? So it’s more fun!