A wonderful story for Christmas 2014 – Not Ordinary Climbing Passion

It looks like a beautiful fairy tale, the type we like to read at Christmas time and instead, this time it is just simply reality. When the commitment of technical staff and enthusiast volunteers meet the enthusiasm (sometimes hidden) of the kids who do not have an easy path in life, great things happen.

The dream of the protagonists: to have a climbing gym where kids with disabilities and without disabilities can have fun, share a sport and get excited together!

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This dream has come true thanks to the “Sport climbing and disability” project realized in conjunction with the Silvia Rinaldi Onlus Fondation for sport and by Up Urban Climbing with contributions from the Prosolidar Foundation,CT also contributed to this wonderful initiative by supporting the Silvia Rinaldi Onlus Foundation and by providing the technical equipment.

The end of the project was celebrated with an indoor event held on the 21st of November which had as guest of honour the mountaineer Simone Moro who was involved in a climbing session with the competitive kids and the kids from the SpecialClimb (in total more than 150 people). In the evening at the Antoniano theatre in Bologna, Simone spoke of his passion for the mountain and his experiences accompanied by some fantastic images. To engage all the spectators (more than 400), the interviews were translated with the Italian sign language (Lis). The proceeds of the evening have been fully invested into the development of the SpecialClimb project.

The trainers of the foundation involved in the climbing gym boast profiles of the highest order: professors and teachers specialized in teaching disabled people, the National Disabled Team coaches with an extensive medal collection from the Paralympics and awarded with Honours of the Order of Merit from the Italian Republic. As for the climbing project, all the volunteers, instructors and specialized staff, step by step with patience and lots of enthusiasm, were able to engage and enthuse many kids with various disabilities and those without – through the wonderful activity of climbing.

The Click Up belay device already widely used in climbing gyms especially with beginners and children, has played its part in “driving” the kids, allowing them to belay their companions in a simple and intuitive way. The correct installation is guaranteed by the sound “click” (from where the origin of the products name comes from), very useful for visually impaired athletes and it is also useful to not have to pull on levers or mechanical parts. To lower the companion just a little pressure on the device is needed holding the free end of the rope in one hand. Furthermore, Click Up allows you to break and lower the companion safely to the ground, even in the event that the rope is wrongly inserted, while still providing a guaranteed braking action.

It was moving to hear the kids shouting: “do it, just like I do it”. It was great to see that they were all there, together with one sole purpose: to climb, to have fun, to share the same emotions and fears like not being able to do it or to fall, the fear of heights and also the judgement of others… common emotions for anyone who tries to push their limits.

All this made us think how climbing doesn’t only generate physical benefits and visible results but also much more important results especially when everyone works TOGETHER and integration comes naturally with great determination and solidarity.

“In this climbing gym we have become accustomed to the impossible”

said a dad who got his daughter Isabella involved in this beautiful sport.
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Now, more than ever, we are proud to support these kids in their desire to reach the summit as a technical partner with material for climbing in maximum safety. On this occasion our Climbing Passion has turned into something even more significant, a Not Ordinary Climbing Passion demonstrating that the passion brings us together, helps us socialize and does not differentiate.

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Alberto Orlandi ©spiagames

Climbing Technology attentive to the enthusiasm that is transmitted to the “new generation” has always been focused on the training for children. The aim is to get children keen on climbing “educating them” to climb safely as was the case for the recent Kalymnos School Project on the Greek island, famous for its annual Climbing Festival. Precisely on that occasion, 20 students from the island and their teachers participated in a beginners climbing course under the supervision of two legendary mountaineers: the Italian Simone Moro and the Austrian Hansjörg Auer. The children discovered such an addictive sport that it could even become a profession thanks to the potential of the island, a real natural climbing gym.

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