Tamara Lunger and Climbing Technology: together to improve and innovate

We had already anticipated for the Kalymnos Climbing Festival and we are proud to announce it officially. Tamara Lunger is finally onboard, in occasion with the press conference that was held on Tuesday 9th of December at the head office in Cisano Bergamasco, the agreement according to which the South Tyrolean mountaineer has become the first of a team of Climbing Technology sponsored athletes, bound to increase in the next few months.

She arrived in the company, with her fresh and spontaneous smile, her contagious laugh and the look of someone who wants to realize their dreams. It took just a few minutes to win the sympathy and the respect of all the staff, led by the owner and founder Carlo Paglioli; she was welcomed as a valuable climbing partner.

Why is it like this and why do we want it to be like this: Tamara, an award-winning athlete and an established mountaineer. But first and foremost the 27 year old is full of desire and has dreams to chase, she must not only see Climbing Technology as a technical sponsor able to support her in all her adventures, but also as a family to who she can put all her trust in. And it’s all just to make her feel at ease and make her understand how much her presence is essential that, in occasion with the official beginning, she found ice axes, carabiners and mountaineering equipment made especially for her and personalized with her name on them. A surprise, the latter, that managed to lighten up her face even more.

During the meeting, which was held in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere, the key points and the ethical values that revolve around the collaboration were specified. Her valuable contribution will allow us to grow further in competence: Tamara as a professional mountaineer will provide technical advice on our products, feedback on safety and comfort of use in extreme situations. But not only: the kindness, the enthusiasm and the overwhelming smile of Tamara fully represent the vision of our company.

The testimonial of Climbing Technology should not necessarily be the best athlete on the circuit, – Mr Paglioli was keen to stress – but a competent person, honest and genuine, capable of relating to the world (also through social media), motivated to improve and willing to cooperate. Our ideal team of athletes will not simply bring luster to the company but also establish a constructive relationship with the company. To be one of us, you need to be a bit special, like Tamara, and have the desire to always aim a little bit higher”. And in this, our Tamara, seems to be in first place.

Tamara, perfectly in line with the values pursued by our company, she has shared with us what is her world, in her German-Italian way that is so warm.

I am very happy to be working with a company that, beyond the proven excellent quality, they have welcomed me like a family. It is nice that you can establish a relationship in this way because, when there is harmony, it works better and you can reach your goals. Carlo will be metaphorically my climbing partner during the future expeditions – she said smiling – My next goals? … Top secret, for now. However in my dreams there is a winter expedition on the cards, to be implemented as soon as possible, with an all-female team”.

From the stories of the experiences with her father when training for high altitude climbing and ice climbing, Tamara introduced us to her world, fascinating but not without hard work, giving us, as a sponsor, an insight into the next adventures, which we can follow on the frontline.

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