RollNLock Pulley/Ascender, the essential multiuse tool in case of rescue. Reported by Klettern!

So small but so useful, the RollNLock pulley/ascender was designed for use with rope work in an alpine environment and in rescue and self-rescue situations.

Its sliding plates allow you to place it both ropes and slings. Ultra lightweight, weighing only 80g, not only it is handy to always keep attached to the harness but it is also essential for resolving difficult rescue situations.

Pulley or ascender, to haul gear or people or for crevasse rescue… it’s multiple uses makes the RollNLock essential in every emergency situation:

  • Thanks to the integrated pulley, RollNLock can be used as a simple pulley. In this way the cam remains locked in an open position so that the rope moves freely in both directions (simple pulley mode fig.2);
  • With the locking cam in use the device can be used, instead, as an ascender to climb up the rope (ascender mode – fig. 1)
  • Combining the functions of the pulley and ascender RockNRoll is ideal to haul and recover light loads or people, i.e.: rucksacks with equipment, crevasse rescue (pulley recovery mode – fig. 4).
  • RollNLock can even be used to regulate the length of lanyards and daisy chains of slings attached to the harness with a knot (regulating lanyard mode – fig. 8). Caution! Exceptional use, do not use as a belay device to catch a fall from above.


The advantages of the pulley recovery mode

RollNLock guarantee an optimum handling even on wet and dirty ropes. This is why it’s also ideal for crevasse rescue (fig.3).

During the progression on a glacier RollNLock is an essential tool that can resolve emergency situations: thanks to the pulley recovery mode, it in fact enables a smooth recovery of a person who has fallen into a crevasse. The main modes used for the recovery are:


The ascent from a crevasse in the autonomous mode (Fig. (9.1-9.2);



A crevasse rescue with alpinists who are able to work together (Fig. 9.3-9.4);


A crevasse rescue with alpinists who are unable to work together, with the use of one (Fig. 9.5-9.7) or two RollNLock (Fig. 9.6).

The RollNLock pulley/ascender has been reported by the prestigious German climbing magazine Klettern (Klettern Empfehlung) for its innovative characteristics.


RollNLock, for the quality of the ascender, it’s defined as a smart “little chap”:

“Small, light and with many functions and possibilities to use it. Weighing only 80 grams and combining the functions of a pulley and of an ascender. An ascender device that also allows the little serrated cam to be placed out of operation and to use then the tool as a pulley. The large connecter hole allows for a big HMS carabineer or an oval shaped carabineer.
Our Conclusion: as an alternative to the Prusik knot, to recover a load via a hoist, the RollNlock is a useful and versatile assistant.”

Read also the comment made by the alpinist Sieto Van Der Heide. He tested the RollNLock for the Hoogtelijn magazine.