Alpine Up, winner of the Desnivel Award for the innovation

Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, Alpine Up  is an innovative and patented belay/abseil device unique for its features and performance, winner of the Desnivel Award for the most innovative product. Alpine Up is unrivaled, for its intuitive use and its versatility it’s considered one of the top products for climbing and for alpine climbing. Both Alpine Up like the belay device Click Up dedicated to sport climbing, boasting the characteristic of being the only devices on the market that allow you to lower the person safely, even in case of incorrect insertion of the rope.

But not only that! The abseil device Alpine Up permits a descent with a self-locking abseiling mode and presents the innovate advantage of being able to belay the climber in two different ways, depending on the terrain on which you find yourself: CLICK UP mode or DYNAMIC mode – check them out!

The well-known climbing coach and author of specialized guidebooks Adrian Berry, after having tested Alpine Up, defined it as the most complete and versatile belay/ abseil device ever produced.

What else is there to say? With Alpine Up you’re in good hands, you have a versatile and multi-purpose safety device that is basically an “all-rounder” as claimed by Vertical, the respected climbing magazine known all around the world.


“At first sight, the Alpine Up seems to be a strange contraption, but in reality it’s easy to use and, above all, an “all-rounder”!
Belay device for lead climbing, top roping and abseiling with two ropes.
If it is used together with other belay devices, it offers the possibility to choose between manual and assisted belaying, to make independent belaying for the top ropers, to unlock only one of the ropes of the top ropers and…to abseil with an automatic self-locking device!
In short: just one word is missing…a look at the demo videos is very instructive.
Of course you have to make an effort to learn how to use the three different ways, but it’s worth the trouble. Alpine Up comes with its own dedicated safety carabineer.”

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