Kalymnos Climbing Festival – Crags and coloured T-shirts

Kalymnos (Greece) – 10/10/2014 Friday was the first day of the Festival and of the Big Marathon. First  Test&Feel. For the Climbing Technology staff it was a busy day! Up at 6 am for photographer Klaus Dell’Orto and Product Manager Stefano Codazzi, and only slightly later for everyone else. By 9 o’clock everything had to be ready for the athletes’ day at Ghost Kitchen, Grande Grotta, Afternoon and Spartan Wall, where they could test harnesses  (which local guide Vangelis picked up and exclaimed, “very light, can I try it?”), helmets, quickdraws, karabiners, Click up and Be up. The athletes all received brightly-coloured T-shirts with one of our slogans “Your safe way to go up”, referring to the Click Up. 

Carlo Paglioli, founder and owner of Climbing Technology, engaged on a 6a+ at Palionisos Red Wall crag

Carlo Paglioli, founder and owner of Climbing Technology, engaged on a 6a+ at Palionisos Red Wall crag

Very quickly the crags with Climbing Technology support stations, but also Masouri (the town under the Grande Grotta and base camp for signing on and the evenings) were filled with our colours. Green, orange, pink, yellow and blue.


People like Click Up: it’s intuitive, easy to use, lets you give rope quickly without jamming. The English, in particular, being used to using ATC-type devices, were very enthusiastic.

At the stations where climbers could try out out products, as well as Stefano Codazzi, also the Alpine guides who worked with us Fabio Lenti, Mirko Masè and Maurizio Giordani. Some poeple already knew and used our products; for others, Climbing Technology was a new name.. People gave very positive feedback about the products as well as for the free T-shirts.

Today will be another busy day: Big Marathon, other Test&Feel stations but above all the Legends Competition at the new and still super-secret new crag on Telendos. Readers of this blog will be interested to learn about the new routes and how the Legends performed, and we will be on Telendos to report back and take lots of photos!

We will shortly publish as well a report on yesterday’s special evening “Legends Story Tellers”, as well as some photos.