Desnivel magazine promotes the brand Climbing Technology

Desnivel, the leading Spanish climbing and mountaineering magazine has published an article about Climbing Technology. We are proud to be considered an Italian example of excellence in the production of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and equipment for mountaineering, climbing and work at height.

 Here is the article from Desnivel magazine

100% European Manufactured, Quality, Safety and Innovation

Climbing Technology: Excellence in both climbing and professional gear

The Italian manufacturer – commercial firm Aludesign S.p.A., with nearly 30 years of experience – opens the doors to their new facilities in Bergamo, where a hundred workers create reality out of their promise to offer the market a product with the maximum guarantee of quality and safety. Their close collaboration with mountaineers and climbers is the seed of their innovative ideas.

To speak with Carlo Paglioli – owner of the brand Climbing Technology – is to travel through the history of carabiner manufacturing. He knows how to distinguish each and every one of the models in his private “museum of material”, a storehouse with all types of pieces that have marked the evolution of climbing material. This is not to be held in vain, as his beginnings go back to the eighties, when his passion for the mountains drove him to found a small company that produced climbing carabiners for large international brands.

In 2005, in large part due to changes with customers from Asiatic countries, Paglioli presented his brand; Climbing Technology, with which he started to sell his own products. Strengthened by the principle of Italian manufacture, he offered a wide range of EPI destined products both for the climbing and professional worlds.

Today, Paglioli continues to work on the frontline of a team of a hundred people (among them, his three sons), between the technical departmentand his 4,000 m2 factory; located in the town of Cisano Bergamasco (a geologic area especially rich in minerals), with an additional 2,000 m2 of storage and offices that have recently been renovated. These facilities add to the ones which the company has in Romania (also property of Mr. Paglioli), where another 60 people work and specialize in the production of harnesses and helmets. They never forget environmental criteria in their production; as residual water treatment is performed in situ at all facilities.

Demanding Safety Controls

The high percentage of controls and inspections performed with mechanical resistance, to look at factors such as resistance to wear and tear, guarantees that the use and performance of CT products is completely safe. Reliability is also demonstrated by the multitude of breakage tests conducted in their lab (close to 15-20,000 per year).

Each one of their products is subject to an inspection and individual double control (functional and visual), a resistance test (at 12 kN) and a specific machine driven control which puts the useful life of the product to the test (CT carabiners must pass 100,000 cycles of open-close).

Twenty Patents

In addition to his close relationship with his sponsors and customers, there are also climbers, within the team of workers, who are extremely involved in the process of creation; constantly testing the ground with new ideas. Currently, Aludesign has twenty registered patents, twelve of which remain in force.

Among the most innovative products launched by Climbing Technology in the last ten years are the belay devices Click Up and Alpine Up (for one and two ropes). These are considered to be revolutionary products in automatic belay devices and auto belay repelling. CT’s ample catalogue spans from carabiners to helmets, harnesses, crampons, ice axes… including more than 1,000 models with the guarantee of the Italian stamp:

The customer can buy with the confidence of knowing from where and from whom our products come.

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