Celebrating the 1st “Climbing Technology- Yanshan Cup” in Beijing

Beijing, (PRC), on September 20th 2014, the first edition of the “Climbing Technology- Yanshan Cup” – Climbing Exchange Conference was successfully held in the Beijing Yanshan Climbing Arena.

Over 150 passionate participants were involved in this special event which was followed by the University Climbing Team, photographers and an enthusiastic audience, most of them excited climbers. From children to 60 year olds, irrespective of their level, everybody experienced the joy of climbing, what we are used to calling “Climbing Passion”.at Climbing Technology

During the event, Climbing Technology set up many opportunities to experience climbing, and participants had the opportunity to test our patented foolproof belay device Click-Up which has become a global technical benchmark.

Yanshan is an area rich in caves, so many people had the opportunity to experience caving, showing their skills and testing some Climbing Technology dedicated products such as the new ascender Quick-Up, the new Chest Ascender Evo, the Quick Step-S ascender, the Acles Dx descender, the new asymmetric sling Ypsilon, the Galaxy helmet, and the highly-performance headlamp Lumex Pro.

The Climbing Technology- Yanshan Cup gave to over 150 people the opportunity to find out more more about climbing by sharing suggestions, skills and discovering Climbing Technology high quality products and innovative features for climbing, caving and rescue activities.