Rock Master Festival 2014, here are the winners

The 2014 edition of the Rock Master Festival 2014 has just finished at Arco (TN). The best climbers competed for the titles of best athletes in the world in the various disciplines. If you missed this incredible event which was also shown on TV, here are the complete results for 2014, presented by category.

The Rock Master Festival is considered the world’s premier climbing competition. First held on the limestone walls of the Rocca del Castello in Arco (Trento), nowadays the best sport climbers compete on the Climbing Stadium’s artificial walls.

The Czech Hroza Libor’s performance deserves a special mention. In addition to winning the World Cup Speed Competition, in the qualifying round, Hroza established a new world record climbing the 15 m wall in only 5.76”. Second was Bassa Mawem from France and third the Italian Alessandro Santoni.

Just as thrilling was the awarding of the prizes to the winners of the ninth edition of the Arco Rock Legends, considered the  climbing Oscars with a jury made up of the most important representatives of international climbing magazines.


Arco Rock Legends 2014 © Giulio Malfer,

The Salewa Rock Award, the only one in the world to recognise achievement in single-pitch sport climbing or bouldering, went to the Belgian climber Muriel Sarkany who, having retired from competitions after many wins, not only kept climbing but climbed the grade of 9a (Punt-X, Gorges du Loup, France).

La Sportiva Competition Award takes into account not only the placings in the rankings but also style and the impact that a climber has had in the competitive scene. It was awarded to the Spanish paraclimber Urko Carmona Barandiaran for whom the word “obstacle” doesn’t seem to exist; in 2013 he won the European Championship and the World Cup in his category.

The Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil prize, awarded for contribution to the culture of sport climbing, went to the writer, sculptor, mountaineer and climber Mauro Corona who also discovered and developed the legendary Erto, an important test bed for the world’s best climbers.


And what happened at the Climbing Technology stand?

Lots of climbers came to visit us at our stand in the Climbing Village. In addition to getting a preview of new Climbing Technology products for 2015 visitors had the chance to learn how to use our products for climbing and mountaineering, try them out and discover the special characteristics that make them different from other products present on the market.

On show at the stand, special for this occasion, were combinations  of our best products made specially  for the main climbing disciplines: mountaineering, sport climbing, viae ferrate and equipment specifally for children.

These “sets” were created to show lovers of the different climbing disciplines how different pieces of  quality equipment can be combined together ,to offer high performance, ease of use and convenience.

You missed these “sets”? Here they are again!

What to wear for mountaineering?



Multi-functional harness, developed for mountaineering and ice climbing.


Moschettoni Fly-Weight Set Dy Pro

Ultra-light and compact quickdraws, only 54 g in the 12 cm version! Ideal for multi-pitch route and multi-pitch sport climbs, where weight makes a difference.

Alpine Up

the most complete and versatile belay / rappel device ever produced, developed especially for mountaineering. Alpine Up allows you to belay the leader in two different modes (dynamic or click up), allows self-locking abseiling and guarantees safety, even if the rope is inserted incorrectly. It is the only belay /abseil device on the market with these characteristics.

scopri tutte le caratteristiche dell’ ALPINE-UP


multi-use helmet designed for mountaineering, frozen waterfalls, climbing and vie ferrate.

Sport climbing, what to wear?


light and hard-wearing harness, developed for sport climbing.

Click Up

fool-proof belay device.


Aerial Pro Set DY

light and easy-to-handle quickdraws for trad and sport climbing.


Lime Set NY Pro

Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio. Equipped with classic shape karabiners and catch-free closure. Robust and lightweight, ideal for working a sport route.



ultralight comfortable helmet designed for mountaineering and frozen waterfalls.

Vie ferrate, what to wear?



completely adjustable harness, developed for vie ferrate and rock-climbing courses.


Top Shell Spring

Via ferrata set with tearing textile energy absorber.



multipurpose helmet developed for use in adventure parks, rock-climbing courses and vie ferrate.



Light leather gloves with extremely comfortable ergonomic cut  for good use of fingers

Scopri tutti i kit e set ferrata 


What should children wear for climbing?



multipurpose helmet for children and women, designed for mountaineering, rock-climbing, vie ferrate and adventure parks.



complete harness, fully adjustable, for children weighing less than 40 kg and height between 95 and 140 cm. Extremely comfortable and safe, and developed for adventure parks and sport climbing.