Multi Chain receives Desnivel’s Silver Award for its top-class strength

The 6th edition of the Desnivel Gear Award organised by Desnivel, the authoritative Spanish climbing magazine, gave the Silver Award to our Multi Chain for its unique characteristics.

The main reason for the prize is the“24 kN strength of each loop”.

Each year, Desnivel Gear Award’s independent jury gathers to evaluate the best products introduced in Span and internationally. Evaluation parameters include: innovation, functionality, design and materials utilised. The results are published in the special edition dedicated to equipment 2014-2015. This year. 290(!) products were evaluated.

Multi Chain climbing technology

In this edition, in the section on top products, Climbing Technology is mentioned again, for the sport and trad climbing quickdraw Aerial Pro set Dy. Light and easy to handle, it has compact hot-forged karabiners with catch-free closure. Also mentioned is the innovative Tank Rope Bag with its large integrated sheet and central well to hold an 80 m rope and accessories, both during use and when carrying.

But what are the characteristics which make the Multi Chain unique?

Let’s look in detail at the innovative Multi Chain made of 13 and 15 mm dyneema, a material which guarantees an exceptional strength-weight ratio and good resistance to cutting.

The rings have different colours to be able to intuitively recognise their different uses: lower ring with tie-in loop, intermediate rings, upper ring


The real differentiating feature and innovation of the Multi Chain is the high strength 24 kN of each single loop (including the tie-in loop).

Interlocking ring design avoids the errors possible with traditional Daisy Chains.

Special tie-in, invented by Climbing Technology (Registered Design), allows you to rapidly connect the Multi Chain to your harness. The knot use does not reduce the load-bearing capacity of the sling

To attach the Multi Chain to your harness, use only the Special Knot.

Multi-Chain set-up



Insert the lower loop of the Multi Chain through the two loops of the harness (Fig. 10.1)

Pass it through the tie-in loop  (Fig. 10.2)

Insert the top loop of the Multi Chain though the lower loop (Fig. 10.3)

Pull the Multi Chain through until the knot is tight (Fig. 10.4). Check the knot is correctly tied.

Multi Chain users manual

Extremely versatile, the Multi Chain can have many different uses:




Attaching yourself  at the belay.


As etrier


The Multi Chain can also be used to build a stance, allowing optimal equalisation of two or more anchor points.