Welcome to the world of Climbing Technology!

For almost 30 years we have dedicated ourselves with world-renowned passion and professionalism to products for mountaineering, rock climbing, vie ferrate, ice climbing, walking and Personal Protective Equipment. These high quality “made in Italy” products employ advanced technologies and are conceived for use in all “vertical disciplines” and for work at height.

This blog is dedicated to you: friends, mountaineers and lovers of the mountains, of climbing, of the “vertical disciplines” and to the professional work at height, rope access and rescue workers. To learn more about them and to best use our products, to discover their particular characteristics, to share experience, to be informed straight away about news and events … welcome!

We believe in spreading a “Safety Culture”: not just producing high quality products that guarantee comfort and ease of use but also publishing information to prevent accidents and thereby achieve the best use of our products in the various “vertical disciplines” and for work. Our commitment is concrete: with more than 20 international patents, many of which are still in force, we have brought onto the market new devices which have raised safety standards and have become examples of excellence and world technical benchmarks.

Among the examples we should mention arethe innovative belay device-descender CLICK UP, designed specially for sport climbing or the unique and prizewinning ALPINE UP, the most complete belay device-descender ever produced, suitable for mountaineering with two ropes or the autobraking descender SPARROW 200 for rope access and rescue – which recently won a prize – which can support a maximum load of 200 kg!