Friedrichshafen messe 2014: CT confirms its position among the world leaders of climbing and safety equipment

A researched design, intended to the promotion of the product, a new graphic  appearance, absolutely appealing,  efficient and innovative protection equipments: our stand at the Friedrichshafen Outdoor Show (Germany) stood out, gathering many consensus.

All the major brands involved in the field of Outdoor activities  participated to this international event, which took place from the 10th to the 13th of July.

Climbing Technology couldn’t miss it!

In Italy and abroad the Climbing Technology range is getting wider and wider, thanks to the personal protection equipments and accessories of different use, designed and tested by our Research and Development Departments.

Each product stems from a long and accurate process that, year after year, allows us to present to the market items which are more and more sure, efficient and simple, able to cut down the risks (provided that, as always, a correct use of the devices is made both by the belayer and the climber) and thus make the vertical activity more and more amusing. Because having fun, when you climb, is compulsory.

Climbing Technology is taking care of your Safety!

We received many visits to our stand, followed by requests addressed to our specialized staff for demonstrations concerning the use of the shown devices. Carabiners and quickdraws, rope accessories, harnesses, helmets, Via Ferrata sets, ice axes, crampons, backpacks, were exhibited not only for visual appeal, but also for learning purposes. Actually, as we like to remind, all Climbing Technology products must be aesthetically pleasant, but most of all they must comply with basic safety, operational and simplicity requirements. These features have been since 30 years the supporting base on which our production is based.

Our company mission has been shared by the visitors coming from every part of the world, also exploiting the exhibition area appositely destined for the practical demonstrations of the products.

The biggest success, further to the already well known Click Up and Alpine Up, was raised by the brand new Be Up device.

Many climbers and professionals involved in this field  asked for demonstrations concerning the use of this compact and very light belay/abseil device, which incorporates in a single solution the concepts of tradition and innovation.

The wide and luminous Climbing Technology stand, placed at the centre of the Exhibition Hall, showed the big sized photos realized in breathtaking environments, in which our products were the protagonists. These images are used both for the Climbing Equipment 2015 catalogue and for the new leaflets of Click Up, Alpine Up and Be Up,  printed in five languages, aiming to inform  our loyal customers coming from every part of the world.

An experience full of satisfactions but also very demanding, during which we worked hard, and we will certainly keep on striving, in order to follow the only path chosen since almost 30 years: the one of the excellence.



Introducing Be UP

Introducing Click UP