How a product of excellence is created

We never stop! We constantly strive to realize new products, improving the safety and ease of use for our customers. Our Research and Development team is composed by skilled designers, engineers and technicians, open-minded to innovation, who can avail themselves of the most advanced technologies for designing the new products. Professionalism, experience and continuous research, allow us to create state of the art and excellent products.

Every project complies with rigorous internal procedures including the study and the conditions under which the product shall be used, the analysis phase related to the research of the most suitable materials, the evaluation of the risks which might arise from an incorrect utilisation of the product, and the effects generated by wrong manoeuvres performed by the user. A particular attention is given to  extreme safety, ergonomics, ease of use and design.

The next step is the creation of the prototypes,  the laboratory tests and finally  the tests on the ground, which are implemented thanks to the cooperation of mountaineers, alpine guides and trainers. The goal is to always realize an innovative, safe, ergonomic, and simple to use product. Thanks to the collected data, we are able to perfect the product and start the manufacturing process.

Further to the certification with the ISO 9001:2008 quality system –  which all the production procedures  make reference to – and to the controls carried out in accordance to the CE/EN reference norms, we have established the individual test of the product. Thanks to this process, no product shall reach the customer without previously being individually controlled:

Functional individual test – for every production

Individual control at 12 kN – for all the connectors and the products having this indication.

Besides, our internal Laboratory performs more that 16.000 destruction test per year (one tractioning process each 6 minutes).

We have also produced a machinery for testing the life of the connectors gates. The duration expressed in nr. of cycles (opening and closure) overcomes 100.000, without compromises affecting their functioning.

That’s the way the thoroughly  Italian products of Climbing Technology are created, both those destined to the mountaineering and climbing world and the specific ones for safety on work at a height. An actual example of Climbing Technology excellence is provided by ALPINE UP, the most complete and versatile belay/rappel device ever produced, developed for mountaineering, to be used with half, twin and single ropes. ALPINE UP allows the auto-blocking abseil descents and it has two modes for belaying the lead climber, depending on the terrain.

In the Work & Safety field, we must mention the brand new SPARROW 200, the innovative self-blocking descender for works on rope, supporting a maximum working load of 200 kg!