CLICK UP the foolproof belay device

To guarantee safe sport climbing there are several important steps before you start to climb.

• Choice of route.

• Make sure the rope is long enough (it has to be twice as long as the route so you can lower off).

• Helmet and harness put on correctly.

• Prepare rope (uncoiled on rope bag so it won’t tangle, no knots in rope, tie a knot at the other end of the rope).

• The leader ties in with a figure-of-eight know while the second inserts the rope into the belay device.

Buddy check.

The Buddy Check is the last and very important part of preparing to climb, and the safety of the team depends on it:

• B checks the belay device is functioning correctly and A makes sure he does this correctly;

• B checks A has tied the rope correctly to her harness with her figure of eight knot;

• B makes sure A has enough quickdraws, krabs and slings for the climb;

• A starts to climb, and B belays her.


Belaying is easy but it’s important to learn to do it well. 

Having the right belay device and knowing how to use it correctly helps to avoid unpleasant situations.

The ideal belay device should be simple to use, light, compact, suitable for use with ropes of varying thicknesses without damaging the rope… and if it also helped you correct belaying errors? Climbing Technology’s R&D team has invented and patented a belay device which has become a global technical benchmark. It’s called CLICK UP, has been designed to be light, compact, simple to use for ropes from 8.9-10.5 mm diameter and, above all, is the ideal device for avoiding errors.

Click Up, on the market for 3 years, has received favourable feedback from many professional users and climbing magazines such as Alpin or Lo Scarpone, the Club Alpino Italiano’s magazine and to this day is the only belay device which is “safe” even if used incorrectly.

In fact, if CLICK UP is not used correctly, it still brakes the rope effectively thanks to its special V-notches. In normal use the device locks off the rope making its characteristic “click” (which gives this incredible product its name) when you hold the free end of the rope. Thanks to this unique feature and to its ease of use, CLICK UP has been very well received by climbing gyms especially for beginners and kids.

CLICK UP, both indoors and outdoors lets you pay out rope quickly, smoothly and without jamming, and lets you arrest a fall by simply holding the free end of the rope. With Click UP you don’t have to worry about levers or moving parts; to lower your partner you just press lightly on the device holding the free end of the rope with the other hand.

The Click Up is correctly installed: you can see the symbol with person and arrow and the rope is going towards the climber.

The Click Up is incorrectly installed and is the wrong way round: you see the symbol with the hand (instead of the person and arrow), the rope going to the climber should be on the opposite side.

Even if used the wrong way round, the Click Up allows you to belay the climber and lower him to the ground thanks to the special v-shaped braking groove which generates friction on the rope like a normal belay device. This functionality means the click Up is effective even when used incorrectly.