CLICK UP: guaranteed enjoyment and safety when sport climbing

CLICK UP, the belay device for single-pitch sport climbing, ideal for beginners and children.

CLICK UP has it all: patented, light, extremely compact, 100% made in Italy and above all innovative. Thanks to its ease of use, CLICK UP is the belay device suitable for beginners and children because it’s very intuitive to use and foolproof. If the rope is not inserted correctly, CLICK UP still lets you arrest a fall and lower the climber to the ground, guaranteeing an effective braking action thanks to the special V-shaped braking groove. This unique feature of the Click Up is very appreciated by users, and overcomes the frequent errors that occur during the use of belay devices at the crag and in climbing gyms. A unique characteristic that allows worry-free sport climbing so your enjoyment is maximised.

The absence of levers and mechanisms in the CLICK UP, lets you pay out the rope quickly and smoothly without jamming, simply keeping your hand on the rope. Arresting a fall is intuitive: you hold the free end of the rope down, and the rope is locked-off by the karabiner that “clicks up” inside the device. To free the rope, holding onto the free end of the rope, you simple push the CLICK UP upwards and quickly feed out rope to your partner.

Lowering your partner is equally simple: you hold the free end of the rope with one hand and with the palm of the other hand you gently push on the CLICK UP.

CLICK UP’s sides are made of hot-forged aluminium, the braking supports are of steel and the inserts of reinforced nylon. Symbols are clear and intuitive and the device weighs only 115 g. It must be used with the HMS CONCEPT SGL HC karabiner with its long-life anti-wear anodizing – which stops the karabiner from wearing out – and moveable lever which stops the karabiner rotating and being loaded transversely.

Discover all CLICK UP’s characteristics.