Alpine Up awarded prize in 2012, it remains a worldwide high-technology benchmark.

ALPINE UP, recognised as the most innovative belay device with the award of the prestigious “DESNIVEL AWARD Mountain and Outdoor Gear” award in 2012, confirms itself as a still-leading product in 2014.

Reasons for the award of the prize:

“First belay device-descender on the market for use with single or double ropes that allows the leader to be belayed dynamically or automatically, bringing-up one or two seconds and abseiling with or without autoblocking. Very versatile and safe.”

ALPINE UP, the patented belay device that’s the most complete and versatile ever produced, continues to represent the international benchmark for new standards of security.

This innovative belay device with its unique performance owes its creation to the capabilities and tenacity of our R&D team made up of well-trained designers, engineers  and technicians who are keen to innovate using the most advanced technologies to design new products.

Continuing our company’s mission:  “To produce products which anticipate and satisfy our professional and sport users’ most advanced technical requirements,” once again, we are proud to have created a completely Italian product which to this day is a global technology benchmark.

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